Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our School Room

After reading a post from the pajama momma's blog, I decided I could share with you our schoolroom.  (Still not sure if that's one word or two.)  This is much better this year than last, as until this summer, we didn't even have a room just for our studies. We spent the first two years of our homeschool journey at the kitchen table.  While there were some benefits to this, the drawbacks were many.  The biggest one was the plethora of materials we use for school were spread out through every room and hallway in our house, garage and attic.  Since Baby Girl never slept in her bed anyway, we moved her in with the boys and converted her old room into a much more usable space for school. It's still a work in progress and there are still some leftover art pieces from when it was my daughter's room.  I'm hoping to cover at least part of one wall with chalkboard paint, but haven't gotten that far yet.  Here it is as of today:

Maps are pretty much my favorite things.  You can NEVER have too many maps, especially in a school room!  Here are a few that hang in ours, along with a couple of art projects.

This place value chart from my time teaching fifth grade has come in handy more than once since we started homeschooling.

The books on the blue shelf are for the kiddos.  The taller shelf is a mix of teacher resources and novels for elementary age kids.

My dad picked up a couple of these old school desks at sales and auctions.  The kids now all have their own work spaces.  This is working out well for us.

I finally have a teacher's desk for all my stuff!