Monday, December 22, 2008


It's Christmas: a time when even the godless celebrate the birth of Jesus the Messiah. As I listened to Amy Grant sing "Grown Up Christmas List" and thought of what would be on my list, several things came to mind. I'd ask for clean water for every person in the world, an end to the ignorance and fear that cause people to do horrible things to children, and hope for those who have none. But when I really thought about what I would want...that one thing that I most desire in the entire answer was much closer to home. If given the greatest desire of my heart, I would choose that my children all know and love Jesus. That they live lives that demonstrate not just a knowledge of, but intimate relationships with the Creator of the world. This is the deepest longing of my soul.

If I could have my way, everyone my children come into contact with would have such a relationship. What an amazing world we would live in if we could all just love as Christ loves.

Trying my best not to sound like a televangelist here, but if you don't have that relationship, but want one, Christmas is a great time to turn the Savior. You don't have to say all the right words or do all the right things. You simply need to confess that you have sinned, acknowledge that Jesus is the ONLY one that can make the payment for those sins, ask Him to forgive you. Then you tell Him that you want Him to be Lord in your life. You need to tell someone about your decision to live a new life. After that, you listen to the Holy Spirit as He directs you. A Bible would be helpful in providing guidance. A Christian friend can also help lead you along the path. If you need one of those, I am available!

Merry Christmas. May the joy, love and peace of the Messiah fill your hearts and homes.