Friday, January 30, 2009

I Read the News Today

A couple of thoughts on some things I read today.

First, the story about the 93 year old man who froze to death in Michigan this week after the utility company turned off his electricity.,2933,484724,00.html Let me say this: this is a horrible thing. It saddens me greatly to think of that poor old man freezing to death on the floor. Such a thing should never happen, especially not in country with the resources of America.

That said, I am in awe that people are blaming the utility for this! The man owed them over $1000. Should they have to continue providing services for people who clearly owe them money? You and I wouldn't want to be forced to do this. Grocery stores aren't forced to give free food. Hosptials are required to provide medical care, but look at our current health care system! That needs a fix.

If this man was unable to make decisions like paying his bill, many, many people could have helped. Social services could have been called by his family, his neighbors, his friends, his doctor, or even the people at the utility company. We're supposed to take care of each other with love. This poor man died because his community failed to do so.

Secondly, wow! Did you see the story on the woman who had octuplets.,2933,485584,00.html She already had six kids at home! Like I said before, wow! I cannot imagine 14 kids! That said, I am once again saddened that fertility doctors would implant that many embryos, then counsel her to abort/kill several of them for having the audacity to survive. I'm sick to death of these debates. Just stop it! Stop implanting more babies than can survive.

And then there's this guy: VICTORVILLE, Calif. — A spurned lover ambushed his ex-girlfriend and tried to cut out the breast implants he paid for by stabbing her, prosecutors said. Really, is that necessary? What a world we live in!

Ugh! I'm looking at this blog as just a rant, not a well written cohesive thought.

May your lives be totally un-newsworthy!